Firstline Schools

DEI: Commit to Act

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Commit to Act Statement


Driving student learning outcomes is the first priority of DEI work, and this begins with a strong student and parent partnership.

Our priority is to enhance math achievement and student agency at 直播做爱.


Adopt, modify and/or build curricula that welcomes and affirms each student鈥檚 unique identity and values community cultural wealth.

Ongoing work on refining social studies curriculum via our SS Curriculum writer.


Support employees to engage in culturally responsive practices in the delivery of high quality instruction (as measured by student outcomes).

Integrating culturally responsive pedagogy 鈥渆ssential conditions鈥 into unit / lesson unpacking in teachers’ Professional Learning Time.听


Provide safe spaces where students can learn and explore, both physically and emotionally through the use of social emotional learning and trauma-informed approaches.

Infusing Kagan strategies throughout our schools through leader and teacher training.

Continuing opportunities for student and staff circles to allow relationship building.


Provide access to physical fitness, healthy food, and nutrition education.

Continued development of our Edible Schoolyard New Orleans (ESYNOLA) program, particularly focused on maximizing academic integration of core subjects in ESYNOLA classes.


Communicate regularly with students and families to build strong relationships, discuss academic progress , and allow parent voice

An ongoing commitment to grade entry and communication with parents about student progress.

ReImagine Parent Partnership Initiative


Ensure that all of our community members, including students, families, and staff, have the space to be their authentic selves and ensure their voices are heard.

Ongoing engagement with the FirstLine Advisory Board for feedback on network-wide practices.

Re-launching Network Student Advisory Committee (nominated by staff and voted on by students).


Use the FLS School Report Card and FLS Network Report Card to measure our equity outcomes and use these measures to drive individual goals within the organization.

Ongoing roll out of the FLS Report Card and KPI process network-wide.


Actively recruit, hire and retain staff that reflect student demographics at all levels and set clear diverse staff hiring goals.

Launch and achieve diversity goals, along with our rationale.


Intentionally change policies and practices in the interest of equity: culture, talent/HR, and teaching and learning and include student and family stakeholders in those decisions.

In the Fall, we will launch a discipline policy group, including parents, to review key policies.

Re-norming on send-out protocols and documentaion process to ensure staff and students get the support needed to keep students in class.


Create an ongoing network dialogue to explore our individual and collective consciousness about race and racism and examine our implicit biases and areas of privilege.

Overcoming Racism training for all new employees at new teacher week.

Ongoing book study across school sites.