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Discovery Plus Team
Tiffany Willis

Tiffany Willis

Director of Special Education


Glenda Baylis

Ashe School Director

Kaylee Farris

Ashe Special Education Coordinator

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LHA School Director

Justin Burkett

LHA Special Education Coordinator

Dione Singleton

Wheatley School Director

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Wheatley Special Education Coordinator

Discovery Plus Application Process


The Discovery Plus program is a special education program for students identified with a significant cognitive disability or a low-incidence impairment with a need for services in two or more areas. Those areas include Life Skills (e.g., toileting, play, social communication, feeding, etc.), Speech & Language, Occupational Therapy, and Motor (PT and APE). The Discovery Plus program is for students who are on an alternate track in school and require a more restricted setting and modified curriculum.

Applicants must meet all of the following criteria:

  • The student is currently enrolled in grades 3-8
  • The student’s cognitive abilities fall 2.3 or more standard deviations below the mean
  • The student participates in the LEAP Connect alternate statewide assessment
  • The student receives two or more related services, including but not limited to: speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy, adapted physical education, orientation and mobility or vision services, self-help or life skills, vocational skills, and ABA therapy

How to Apply

If you believe your student qualifies and would benefit from attending the Discovery Plus program, please hold an IEP team meeting to discuss how the program would benefit your student and obtain signed parental consent for application.

Once consent is obtained, the LEA should submit the completed application with the accompanying redacted documentation to DiscoveryPlus@firstlineschools.org. The documents may be sent as a password-protected zip file or a google folder with restricted access settings.

If the written application and supporting documentation demonstrate that the student is a strong candidate for the program, the Discovery Plus team will reach out to the LEA to schedule an observation. This observation will occur in their current classroom, and an interview with their parent/guardian will follow so that the Discovery Plus team may learn more about the student. This process takes approximately three weeks from the date the completed application is received.

Forms for Application:

  • Parental Consent Form (English | En español)
  • Discovery Plus Application Form (English) *This will be submitted by your student’s school*

If you have any questions regarding the Discovery Plus program, or the application process, please reach out to Tiffany Willis, Discovery Plus Program Manager, at (504) 252-2571 or by email at discoveryplus@firstlineschools.org